Spice Up National Pizza Day With an Extra Slice of Humor

Spice Up National Pizza Day With an Extra Slice of Humor

With National Pizza Day 2024 right around the corner (Friday, February 9th to be exact), it's time to think about adding an extra slice of hilarity to your celebration. At Baddie Gag Gifts, we have the perfect ingredients to complement your pizza party. Our best-selling prank books make the best hostess gifts or gifts "just because." Make this National Pizza Day a memorable one filled with laughter and surprises!

Here are our Top Five Prank Books to help celebrate this year's National Pizza Day:

#5 - Cooking With Wax: 49 Mouth-Watering Recipes Using the Stuff Our Bodies No Longer Want

This one is PERFECT for kids! Just imagine pranking a little one with this. Hilarious! It will definitely be a core memory for them. Inside are 99 pages of lined notebook paper, perfect for a silly journal.

#4 - The Ultimate Beginner's Guide to Cooking Meth: Plus 40 Other Career Ideas to Push Moral Boundaries

This one is DEFINITELY not for kids, but a forty-something adult with a sense of humor would love it! I can't think of a better hostess gift than a gag gift about making meth, can you? Well, I can, but this is up there! Inside of this one is 99 pages of lined notebook paper. 

#3 - The Donner's Family Cookbook

The Donner's Family Cookbook is the perfect gag gift for recipe-lovers who admire the macabre. Inside, you will find 99 pages of blank recipe pages perfect for keeping track of family favorites. No more bookmarking recipes on your phone!

#2 - Cooking With Cats: 49 Mouth-Watering Recipes Involving an Entire Cat

Us cat lovers have the best sense of humor! I mean, we kind of have to. We own cats! Enough said. Inside of this hilarious gag gift is 99 pages of lined notebook paper. 

#1 - The Placenta Diet Cookbook for Beginners: Meal Plans and Recipes for the Latest, New-Age Sustainable Diet

Okay. This one is weird, but that's what makes it sooo good! No judgement towards those who practice placentophagy - you do you, boo. Inside of this book is 99 pages of blank recipe pages. 

Savor The Moments - Right Along With The Pizza

No matter how you choose to celebrate National Pizza Day 2024, don't forget to savor each bite! Whether it's a saucy joke with friends or a crusty dad joke that leaves everyone groaning, these moments are the extra toppings that make life more flavorful. Grab a slice, crack a joke, and relish those cheesy moments like they're the last slice in the box!

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